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鹿島 寛  Hiroshi Kashima    
2012年ギャラリー檜Plus Gallery Hinoki Plus     
2012年 アクリル絵の具、綿布、木質パネル
Acrylic color, cotton cloth, wooden panel


During the solar eclipse a few days ago, many Japanese looked at the sun, wearing paper glasses. I was one of these persons, and this was a funny spectacle. Of course, the light of the sun, which we usually do not care about, is something essential to the painters that we are. In the dark, it is impossible to paint and see colors. But people say it is possible to recognize the colors of invisible things. If a blindfolded person is guided to a room with red walls, she will be able to feel the increase of her body temperature. And athletes can also be distinguished, as if they were shining. In the case of painting, too, we can feel light radiating from masterpieces. I am questioning myself about the nature of this light which we feel as the starting point of everything.


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