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万城目 純  Jun Makime/Jun Manjome
『PERFORMATIVE LIFE(パフォマティブ・ライフ)2012
2012年 ビデオ、ミクスド・メディア

2010年より発表を開始した、まるごとの日常をとらえた映像作品『PERFORMATIVE LIFE』シリーズのインスタレーションバージョン。パフォーマンスも交え、2012年以後の展望を図る。
Film Maker, video(Dance) Installation.:Contemporary Dance, Butoh, Performance, (technologies): Film Maker. He worked on the theme; “Body and Society” for years.
 (He learned theater, dance, ballet, yoga, and many types of expression in fields. Now, he releases his work, which is on “Body” as dancer/performer/choreographer/film artist director/producer.)

2003 MONACO dance forum (MONACO) [video dance] 2009 Exhibition, Studying Contemporary Art (Lyon Castro): Installation, 2010 Choreographic Installation, “Ukiyo Moveable World” Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells, London, 26th Nov 2010 (This research project is funded by Japan Foundation, PMI2 Connect/British Council Grant and RDF Grant by Brunel University)



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