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米満 泰彦  Yasuhiko Yonemitsu    
「夜明けに」  In the dawn      
2012年 H1170mm×W1170mm  板に油彩 Oil on panel

夜明け 空に残る星 冷気に薫る花 
鋸歯の美しい丸葉 蕾が5つ 
その重みに枝が弧を描く 咲き始めれば闇は放たれ 
曖昧だった地平線に都市が浮かぶ 今日もまた暑くなるだろう 

Dawn - Stars remaining in the sky - Flowers with fresh smell
“Maruha” with beautiful indentation. Five buds.
The twigs are curved under their weight. Darkness is liberated when they begin to bloom.
The city appears over the vague horizon line. Today will be another hot day.
I gather the colors remaining on the wooden board and mix them with a brush.


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