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三枝 聡  Satoshi Saegusa

The “island of spirit” in front of you
2012年 800×600mm ビニールにアクリルペイント、綿を充填、檜材
2012 800×600mm Plastic filled with acrylic ,paint cotton, hinoki (Japanese cypress)
“ 素材” の歌を聴く “ Whole Lotta Love of Materials”
私の創作の基本にあるのは“ 素材” との交信。「素材は、もっとも“ その素材らしく” あるときに感情を持ち、誰かに何かに、あるいはどこかに、思いを語りはじめます。私はそれぞれの素材の“ らしさ” を作品化することで恋愛のような互いを気遣う優しさに溢れる愛情を表現したいと思っています。素材が感情を持ったとき、素材自身がそのありかたを空間に問いかけることになります。
"Whole Lotta Love” of Materials, the song of materials
Communication with “materials” is at the base of my work. When materials really look like “themselves”, they have expressions, they begin to express their feelings to somebody, somewhere, in a certain way. By turning this “look like themselves” into artworks, I try to express the kindness and solicitude that two people in love can have for each other. When materials have expressions, they question the space about the way they should look like.

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