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米満 泰彦      Yasuhiko Yonemitsu



2014年 300×600㎜ 油彩、パネルにキャンヴァス

鑑賞者である私が魅せられたそのいにしえの絵画には静謐さがあっ た。見ることで立ち現れ存在へといざなう。
日本的な絵画で好まれていることは 視覚的な快楽主義ではないか。自分にもその伝統が生きているように 思う。

Ten pieces

2014 300×600㎜ Canvas on panel, oil painting

There is peacefulness in the ancient paintings I was charmed by as a viewer. An invitation to the presence which appears from the fact of looking at them. But, as a creator, I became aware that I am more interested in the movement of lines and the freedom of colors than in the image itself. What is appreciated in Japanese painting is visual hedonism. I think this tradition is vivid in me.  

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