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鷲田 恭     Kyo Washida


鷲田 恭のHP:http://washida-kyo.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/

2014年 1155×1155mm 墨、顔料、銀箔、和紙

考えてみれば、作品を作るとき必ず物語を考えその情景を絵にしています。「枕草子」「源氏物語」「伊勢物語」「宇治拾遺物語」などの絵巻は絵画の題材でよく使われてきました。それと同様に作品に物語 を感じていただければ幸いです。

Moon above the pond

2014 1155×1155mm Sumi, pigments, ginpaku (silver foil), washi (Japanese paper)

I always have a story in mind when I paint a scene. The famous emaki rolls such as “The pillow book” (Sei Shonagon), “The tale of Genji”, “The tale of Ise”, “Uji Shūi Monogatari”, etc. have often been taken as subjects for paintings. In the same way, I would be pleased if viewers could feel a story in my works.  

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