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藤原  祥          Sho Fujiwara

異境の花より  ー様々なかたちー 

2015年 430×310 mm    acrylic color on paper 

植物の変容がイメージにあります。それと女性の体内にある花の様なラッパ管という組織。作画の途中に浮かび上がる奇妙なかたち、それらが  まだ見た事のない、異境の花や種に 。この前釣り上げたフグの皮を剥いだら、その裏側の美しさに驚いた。美観の冒険 。

Flowers of a foreign country - various forms -

2015 430×310 mm Acrylic color on paper 

I use the metamorphoses of plants as images. And also the organs called “fallopian tubes” in the female body. The strange forms which appear during the creation step become flowers and varieties you have never seen before. When I peeled the skin of the fugu I caught recently, I was surprized by the beauty of the inner side. A “beautiful” adventure.

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