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臼井 勝彦            Katsuhiko Usui 

 M  B

年520×400 mmアクリル、コットン

私は長い間、支持体と絵の具との関係を見つめ、表層に色彩を重ねる (滲ませる)という行為を続けてきました。
支持体の“物質性”と、表 層への“アラワレ”が視覚的に質を持てば“良”と考えています。


2016 520×400 mm  Acrylic color on cotton

During many years, I observed the relation between the support and the colors, repeating the action of applying colors on the surface (and letting them penetrate into the support). For me, the result is “good” when the “materiality” of the support and the “rendering” (araware) on the surface are visually appealing.

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