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 万城目 純(マキメ/マンジョウメ ジュン)     Jun Makime/Manjome

「PERFORMATIVE LYFE (パフォマティブ ライフ) 2017」
“きのせい もりのせい ばらのせい” ・2010年より発表を開始した、まるごとの日常を捉えた映像作品 「PERFORMATIVE LYFE」シリーズのインスタレーションバージョン。
2017年は“inner circus”がテーマ。

「PERFORMATIVE LYFE (パフォマティブ ライフ) 2016」

ミクスドメディア “吹いても 拭いても 不可はなく 噴しても 葺しても 付加しないために“

Jun Makime/Majome (Japan)
Contemporary Dance, Butoh, Performance, (Technologies): Film (video) Maker: (Dance) Installation.He worked on the theme “Body and Society” for years.
He learned theater, dance, ballet, yoga, and many types of expression in fields. Now, he releases his work, which is on “Body” as dancer/performer/choreographer/film artist director/Producer.)

●biograhy 2
003 Monaco Dance Forum (MONACO) [video dance] 2009 Exhibition, Studying Contemporary Art (Lyon Castro): Installation, 2010 Choreographic Installation, “Ukiyo Moveable World” Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells, London, 26th Nov 2010 (This research project is funded by Japan Foundation, PMI2 Connect / British Council Grant and RDF Grant by Brunel University).

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