2018/06/26TUE -  07/01SUN TOPページ WEBギャラリー +∞展のあゆみ  会場へのアクセス

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  鹿島寛          Hiroshi CASCIMA

  +無限大展.1.2. THE OTHER VERSION session1 -Gallery SHIMIZUにて

2017年 アクリル絵の具、綿布、パネル


  The Other Version Session 1 - At Gallery SHIMIZU>

2017年 acrylic color,cotton cloth,panel

When I superpose the tree primary colors on the vertical canvas, watercolor drips to the bottom by gravity. With time, the picture begins fading. I would like to cut off a certain moment. But the painting becomes material as soon as it becomes an artwork.


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