2018/06/26TUE -  07/01SUN TOPページ WEBギャラリー +∞展のあゆみ  会場へのアクセス

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  鷲田 恭          Kyo Washida


2017年  1955×1315mm   墨、柿渋、顔料、銀箔、和紙、竹のオブジェ


  Bamboo wind

2017年  1955×1315mm    Sumi ink, kakishibu (persimmon dye), pigments, ginpaku (silver foil), bamboo object 

The world is made of a number of different aesthetics.
My personal ethnicity is Japanese and I think I am creating what can be called “ethnical” artworks.
I am thinking about pictural spatiality within the frame of modern Japan, in which I live, as well as past history.

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